What are the fish doing?

Posted on 03 November 2010

Ever go to a lake and wonder, “What’s biting?”

Or was your heart set on catching shellcracker, just to hear people tell stories about catching limits of crappie?

What if you could look into the future and know when, where and how to catch the fish you are looking for?

In this article, we give you that information. We have talked to guides, tournament anglers and everyday fishermen. We looked at moon phase, temperature trends and weather patterns. We have put together a fishing forecast for your next trip to Lake Seminole.

For the next three months, which species will be hot, and which ones would be better left for another time of year.

Long range forecast

Air temperatures are forecast to continue cooling as we work through the months of October and November. December to predicted to be colder than normal.

The average rainfall for our area is during the next three months is 1.1 inches. The hurricane season is not over until Nov. 30, so the possibility of getting heavy rains and flooding is still possible.

The moon will be in the new phase around the sixth, while the full moon will occur around the 21th of the next three months.

Fishing forecast translation

Surface temperatures will continue to hoover around the 80-degree mark until the latter part of October. We should then see a gradual decline into the fall temperatures.

Limited anticipated rainfall will cause increased water clarity. Water levels should remain consistent throughout the fall months.

Like in the summer, the new phase will be the dominate phase of the moon, but will have limited effect as temperature and light penetration are the main factors this time of year.

As the termperatures begin to fall, fish will become more active. They will start in confined schools, or wolfpacks, located on specific structure, then gradually expand to incompass a variety of cover as the water temperature allows.

The fish will start preparing for the colder winter months. This is a good time to catch schooling fish as they will be more apted to chase prey over longer distances.

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