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Posted on 26 January 2011

Inspiration from being a liaison

Managing Editor

Patricia Williams is not your typical student.

At 50 years old, with three children, Williams is the perfect liaison for the non-traditional students at Bainbridge College, which are a large part of the student population.

And although a lot of students can’t believe she’s 50, Williams said, “It makes me feel young to be of service to the students.”

“I say that because of who I am. A lot of students see me walking around and doing a lot of different things. They ask me a lot of questions. I’m open to help them,” Williams said.

Williams served as a student representative for Bainbridge College’s presidential search committee last year. She is the first vice president of the Student Government Association, which opened the door for her to be invited onto the president search committee. She is also on the college’s enrollment management team that helps keep students enrolled and continue their college education.

“The presidential search was an awesome experience. I got a chance to meet a lot of influential candidates and also people in the community, which was very rewarding to me as well. It made me redo my resume,” Williams said.

Williams lived for many years in south Florida, but grew up in Bainbridge. She returned when she suffered a tragedy of which she didn’t want to publicly release details. It was Bainbridge where she decided to raise her three children, present ages of 14, 21 and 24.

Williams had fond memories of Bainbridge because she and her family would return several times a year to work on the farm of her late grandfather, Leroyal Williams.

She also returned to college after 30 years.

This May, Williams is scheduled to graduate with two associate degrees from Bainbridge College, one in business administration and one in medical administration. She plans to continue her studies on-line with Georgia Southwestern University.

“When I set my sights on something, I just keep going,” Williams said.

Williams said she has relished her role as a liaison and a leader.

She said both traditional and non-traditional students have come up to her with problems, such as juggling their schedules or a particularly tough class. She has also started a young investment group, called Wave, that works with people in their late teens and 20s teaching them how to invest and manage money.

“I just love what I do. I love inspiring and touching the souls of others,” Williams said. “Letting them know that they can make it as well as I did, because when I first came here I thought I couldn’t do it, but I did.”

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