Canine summer survival tips

Posted on 30 May 2012

News Writer

Everything you ever needed to know about keeping cool and comfortable in the summer you can learn from your dog.

Wake up early in the morning for exercise and work. Only chase squirrels, birds and other moving things in the early morning or late afternoon.

Eat light meals. Treats and ice cream are preferred.

Stay well hydrated.

Cool off by running in the sprinkers.

Take a swim in the pool when you get too hot.

Find a cool place to sleep 

and get plenty of rest in the mid-day.

Protect yourself from bug bites and wear your flea protection.

Keep your booster shots up-to-date by visiting your physician.

Never ever wait in a hot car while your owner goes shopping.

Visit a spa to keep your hair cut short, take regular baths and stay overnight in an air conditioned suite whenever you can.

When the summer thunderstorms come, take refuge in a safe place — the bathtub.

Living a dog’s life isn’t all bad.

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