Try these tasty sides on your grill

Posted on 29 May 2013


Certainly every good Southerner knows that the warmer weather means it’s time to charge up the old barbecue grill once again. However, the grill’s “not just for meat anymore.” Consider trying these tasty and easy side dishes the next time you cook out. I’m sure you’ll find them delicious.

Grilled BBQ Cabbage

1 large head of cabbage
4 tablespoons of butter
1/2 pound of bacon, diced
1 small onion, diced
1/4 cup of BBQ sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat the grill to 300 degrees, set up for indirect cooking.
2. Melt one tablespoon of butter in a heavy skillet over medium heat. Add the bacon and onion, cooking until the onions are soft and the bacon is almost crisp. Remove the bacon and onion, reserving the drippings.
3. Remove the core from the cabbage, about three inches deep and three inches in diameter.
4. Mix the BBQ sauce and cooked bacon/onion mixture.
5. Form a circle with a sheet of aluminum foil, creating a base for the cabbage to sit in.
6. Pour the BBQ, bacon, and onion mixture into the cavity of the cabbage.
7. Cut the remaining butter into small diced pieces and top the BBQ mixture with them.
8. Brush the outside of the cabbage with the remaining bacon drippings.
9. Place the cabbage, sitting in its aluminum foil ring, on the grill and cook until the cabbage is soft, about one hour.

Grilled Fried Spicy Corn

4 tablespoons of butter
1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon of onion powder
1/2 teaspoon of smoked paprika
1/2 teaspoon of honey
1/4 teaspoon of sage
1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
1/8 teaspoon of dried thyme
8 ears of fresh corn, with the husks on
Salt and pepper to taste

1. In a large bowl or in a sink, soak the ears of corn in water. Keep the husks on and soak for about an hour.
2. In a small bowl, combine the butter with all spices and honey. Put in the refrigerator until ready for use.
3. Heat the grill to medium, around 400 degrees.
4. When the grill is ready, remove the corn from the water and drain well. Place the ears of corn, with husks on, on the grill. Cook, turning often, until most of the husks are black. Remove the corn from the grill and remove the husks. The husks and silk should come right off after being cooked.
5. Cut the corn kernels off the cob into a bowl.
6. In a skillet, heat the butter mixture until melted. Add the corn kernels to the skillet, mixing until the butter mixture coats the corn. Cook until heated through. Salt to taste.

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