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Posted on 16 April 2014



Maggie-17Maggie Rentz Smith


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Maggie Rentz Smith and her husband Greg, the town’s newest law team, are finding their lives to be quite a bit different after they decided to curtail their business associations in Atlanta and move back to Maggie’s hometown of Bainbridge a year ago.

Smith, who graduated from Bainbridge High School in 2000, received her undergraduate degree from Florida State University in finance before enrolling in the University of Georgia Law School. She graduated there in 2006 and clerked for two years for a federal judge in Brunswick before moving to Atlanta to work with a mid-size firm where she practiced primarily business bankruptcy law.

Maggie said she just followed a natural career path when she decided to become a lawyer. She comes from a long line of attorneys on her mother’s side of the family. Her great-grandfather was Judge A.B. Conger, federal judge of the middle district.

After her marriage, she joined her husband in his Atlanta law firm and the two also ran a gourmet ice cream business.

Now, they share offices as the Smith Law Group and Maggie is busily renewing old acquaintances while her hubby is agreeably adjusting from big city living to small hometown life.

Maggie said as a teen she felt there wasn’t much to do around here, but now with every one having access to the Internet, things you used to have to leave town for are at your fingertips. She believes internet service has had a big impact on changing life in Decatur County. It has put a rural area in touch with the rest of the world.

Maggie began feeling she wanted to come back home after graduating from law school. As she grew wearier of the rat race in Atlanta, moving back home became her major goal. “This is where my soul is and I should be here too,” she explains.

Now that she is here she is very busy with a growing law practice that includes family/domestic relations, consumer bankruptcy, etc. She is also kept on the move as the court appointed guardian ad litem for the Pataula Circuit Court covering all dependent children in the seven-county district.

Maggie is encouraged by what she observes as more young people coming back home to live, work and get involved in community affairs. She too, wants to be part of anything that will enhance the city of Bainbridge in its redevelopment, thus making it more attractive to new businesses and residents.

In addition to her professional association memberships — the Decatur County Bar Association and the Southern Judicial Circuit — she is a member of the Bainbridge Rotary Club, a new board member of the Chamber of Commerce, and is learning to play golf at the Bainbridge Country Club. All of this leaves little free time to indulge her favorite pastimes of gourmet cooking and eating. She also professes a love of writing and keeps a personal blog.

Maggie credits her parents, Kim and Onys Rentz of the Eldorendo community, as having the most influence on her to be able to accomplish anything she wants to do. When she is questioning the best direction or decision in a matter, she asks herself what her father would do and goes from there knowing it will be the right decision. She has also worked for judges who serve as beacons for her professional decisions.

Maggie said she can’t stress enough how welcoming the public is to her and her husband.

“People constantly tell me how happy they are that we came back here to live. As for us, we are happy to have found a community worth investing in.”

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