Students Mold Art in Ceramics Class

Posted on 11 May 2016

Story and Photos by Carolyn Iamon

Some people never outgrow their love of playing in the mud.

BHS art teacher, Rebecca Cole, indulges that desire in the ceramics classes she teaches at BHS. 

There are two levels of classes, with 35 students per class.

In addition to the initial visual arts classes that cover all mediums of art, students are given the chance to try their hand at the potter’s wheel, forming bowls, mugs and jugs. Others do clay cut-out forms of animals, or face making. Some design wind chimes. In all, they are learning to express their creative natures while having fun playing in the mud.

The school is fortunate to be equipped with everything necessary for successful ceramics classes. There is a pug mill, a machine that grinds and recycles clay, forming it into logs of malleable clay. There are also two potter’s wheels where students can practice and refine their ability to form shapes. A kiln is used to fire the forms, preparing them for painting or applying a glaze finish.

Some of the better works will be featured in the Student Art Show to be held May 1 at the Firehouse Arts Center. Awards will be made for those pieces judged best in show.

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