How to: Throw the Perfect Summer Get Together

Posted on 04 October 2017

You don’t have to be a professional party planner to throw an extraordinary summer get together, rather it be a dinner party or simple backyard barbeque. Even if the circumstances leave you with little to no time to prepare, we have the tips to make you seem like the perfect host or hostess.

Check your Supplies

First things first, you need to see what dishes, silverware and food you already have looming around in your refrigerator and pantry cupboard. There’s a great chance you’ll find your grandmother’s lazy Suzan and a chip and dip bowl somewhere. While paper plates and plastic silverware may be easier, it’s a good idea to invest in a great set of outdoor dinnerware for times like these. Kelly Holt, who works in the gift shop at Bainbridge Pharmacy, suggests a lighter colored china for outdoor occasions. Her recommendation is Melamine Dinnerware. It’s shatter proof, so even if a guest gets a little rowdy and drops their plate, the party can go on.

Arrange the Decor

No party is perfect without flowers. Flowers can be found anywhere from your backyard to a farmer’s market or my personal favorite: Fresh Market. Not only do they liven up the table, but guests can take them home to keep and brighten up their own personal space long after the get together ends. Fake flowers could be a cheap and more practical alternative, but real, fresh flowers offer a lovely aroma and an eye-catching array of color to the table.

Create a stress-free menu suggests creating a menu with as many oven-free dishes as possible so the host is able to spend time with their guests instead of in the kitchen.  Appetizers could consist of fruit kabobs, pimento cheese and crackers or chicken salad. Holt agreed and said a lighter food option is best, because of the heat outside; no one wants anything too heavy. She believes the best menu may consist of various finger foods for people to enjoy.

Plan a children’s activity

Holt suggested planning an activity just for kids so the adult guests have more time to mingle without kids tugging at their sleeve. Kids are easily entertained. You could do something as simple as bubble wands and chalk, or you could easily plan a game of corn toss or horseshoes. If you really wanted to get creative, you could plan out a scavenger hunt for them around the neighborhood while you just relax.

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