You can find a copy of our magazine at any of the locations listed below. We will keep the stands filled with our newest edition at all times. Also, if you do not live in the immediate area, subscriptions are $16 annually in-state, $20 annually out-of-state and $24 for international subscriptions. Please make checks payable to Bainbridge Media, LLC PO Box 277, Bainbridge, GA 39818

American Pie Pizza
925 E. Shotwell St.

Bainbridge Country Club

Bainbridge Health Care
1155 W. College St.

Bainbridge Marina
2400 Airport Rd.

Bainbridge Pharmacy

Ben Kirbo
108 E. Broughton St.

Bertha Beauty Shop
705 Spring Creek Rd.

Bettys Cafateria
1500 Dothan Rd.

Big Jims

Boyds BBQ
721 E. Calhoun St.

Brock Realty
1712 E. Shotwell St.

Carters Chicken
1124 E. Shotwell

Charter House
1401 Tallahassee Rd.

Cinda’s on the Square
122 E. Broughton St.

City Hall

Classic Designs
215 S. Scott St.

Court House
112 W. Water St.

1301 Colquitt Hwy.

Days Inn
1407 Tallahassee Rd.

Decatur County Airport FBO
Decatur County Industrial Air

Decatur County Chamber of Commerce
100 Earl May Boat Basin Circle

Decatur County Office
203 W.Broughton St.

Decatur House
1697 Tallahassee Hwy.


Diary Queen
519 W. Shotwell St.

Dixie Dandy

Dr. Aldridge
603 Wheat Ave.

Dr. Beauchamp
709 E. Shotwell St.

Dr. Bennett
1632 E. Shotwell St.

Dr. Burke
1501 Miluli Ave.

Dr. Carpenter
603 Wheat Ave.

Dr. Cochran
1504 E. Evans St.

Dr. Cruz
509 Wheat Ave.

Dr. Estillore
603 Wheat Ave.

Dr. Grayson
1520 E. Evans St.

Dr. Jones
1500 E. Shotwell St.

Dr. Kipp
603 Wheat Ave.

Dr. Leverett
1515 Miluli Ave.

Dr. Maxwell
500 Amelia Ave.

Dr. McRae
1518 Miluli Ave.

Dr. McRae
914 E. Shotwell St.

Dr. Miller
1506 E. Evans St.

Dr. Mills
1519 Milula Ave.

Dr. Parker
1500 E. Shotwell St.

Dr. Phillips
1518 Miluli Ave.

Dr. Popa
1626 E. Shotwell St.

Dr. Popa
509 Wheat Ave.

Dr. Surratt
603 Wheat Ave.

Dr. Todaro
1516 E. Evans St.

Dr. Tran
1500 E. Evans St.

Dr. Walker
1502 E. Evans St.

Dr. West
1514 E. Evans St.

Dr. Wilson
603 Wheat Ave.

Edwin Perry
116 S. Broad St.

Emeral RV

ERA Simpson
113 W. Shotwell St.

Eric Gay
260 Whigham Dairy Rd.

Family Bank
800 E. College St.


Fins and Feathers

First Baptist

First Methodist

First National Bank
819 E. Shotwell St.

First Port City Bank
1410 Tallahassee Hwy.

First Port City Bank
400 W. Shotwell St.

Floyd & Lambert
415 S. West St.

Georgia Power
308 Airport Rd.

Grimsley Pharmacy

Hair Designs
1235 E. Shotwell St.

Hair Shapers
117 W. Shotwell St.

541 S. Scott St.

Health Products

Holiday Inn Express

Jack Wingates

James Conger
101 W. Water St.

James Pace
102 N. Florida St.


Jameson Inn
1403 Tallahassee Rd.

Joe Muholland Office
122 W. Water St.

Kirbo Kendrick & Bell
206 W. Water St.

KOA Campground

Laredo Grill

Main Street

Medical Center
603 Wheat Ave.

Memorial Hospital
1500 E. Shotwell St.

Memorial Manor
1500 E. Shotwell St.

Miles Realty
430 E. Shotwell St.

Miller Griffin Realty
832 E. Shotwell St.

Paces Fish Camp

Park Avenue Bank
226 S. Broad St.


Paul Fryer
306 N. West St.

Peoples South Bank
1449 Tallahassee Hwy.

Pond House
201 Donalson St.

Pops Dockside

Port City Deli
1408 N. Tallahassee Hwy.


124 E. Broughton St.

Regions Bank
103 N. West St.

River Plaza Seafood
418 N. West St.

Riverbend Seafood
1615 E. Shotwell St.

Riverside Place
1151 W. College St.

RX Drugs

San Marcos
1408 N. Tallahassee Hwy.

Sandys Diner

Seminole State Park


Super 8 Motel
751 W. Shotwell St.

Tennis Center

Thomas Conger
218 E. Water St.

Town and Country
821 S. Scott St.

Trails End

Welcome Center

Western Motel
1925 E. Shotwell St.

Willow Ridge
801 Faceville Rd.

Yesterdays Diner
523 W. Shotwell St.

Yuki Express
2007 Frontage Rd.